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Age: too old (30)
Contact: AIM: grandhighbiichama
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Name: Nemo Kankri Vantas (AU Signless Sufferer)
Canon: Homestuck
OU/AU/OC: Humanstuck Alternate Universe (based on the fanfic >Connect)
Canon Point: April 12, 2009, the night before the fanfic he comes from properly “starts.”
History: Once upon a time there was a mutant-blooded troll who rose up against the Alternian Empire in the name of equality between the castes. But this isn't his story. This is the story of the guy he got reincarnated into when the universe gets retroactively rebooted.

Let's start over.

(I'll supply people's identities in the hover text for help in keeping track of who's who in this AU, with underlines so you know when to mousover.)

Once upon a time there was a baby who grew up to be a hippie. That baby's name was Nemo and boy did he get teased about it—although since this was the fifties and sixties it was just Captain jokes and not fish jokes—but since his middle name was even stupider he was stuck with it. His mother had ditched what she'd seen as a stifling future ahead of her under her older sister's thumb in order to run away to the other side of the country. (As Nemo's aunt was Betty Crocker, this was perhaps not far enough, but it's the thought that counts.) One ill-advised short-lived marriage later, Dolores Porrim Vantas was the single mother of one.

Since the year was 1950, this was not exactly a desirable thing to be—especially if you or your kid weren't white and thanks to his long-gone father Nemo wasn't (and neither were any of the other kids Dolores Vantas went on to adopt later)—and so Nemo grew up with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Once he got to be a teenager, he got really into the whole civil rights movement thing that was going on, although initially he only manifested this interest in long-winded lectures to his increasingly bored friends and adopted younger sister until his exasperated mother dragged him to his first sit-in.

To mix one's metaphors: Nemo Vantas got his first taste of actual civil disobedience and it was love at first sight. He spent most of his high school and early college career participating in the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement. He grew his hair out, grew himself a rather shitty beard, and pretty much became the hippie's hippie. His first arrest came the summer after he graduated high school when he headed up to Chicago to join the protests at the Democratic National Convention of 1968, but it certainly wasn't his last. He ended up pissing off enough people to get the draft board to ignore his college deferment and so had to run off to Canada for a while in order to keep from getting sent to Vietnam. He never did finish college although he always meant to.

He spent the next few decades getting involved in various good causes, some of which succeeded, many of which failed miserably. He spent a good amount of time as a union organizer, worked on the political campaigns of some people he felt he could believe in, and spent no little time living in communes, including the one his sister and her husband had ended up running on a farm in Monterey County, California. In fact, for twenty five years, until the mid-1990s, Nemo Vantas was basically a nomad.

Then he ended up with a pair of kids. Nemo took his son and daughter and settled down at his sister's commune, which by then was hemorrhaging members like crazy. Since the commune was a working organic farm, Nemo became a farmer and found that he actually kind of enjoyed it. He also found being a dad to be incredibly rewarding. While his interest in social justice has not waned in the least, he's had to of necessity slow down. After all, he's almost sixty now.

(In the fic Nemo comes from, he's about two months away from getting caught up in the shenanigans that ensue when his kids play Sburb, but he doesn't know that yet.)

Personality: His previous incarnation was basically a Jesus metaphor. The incarnation before that was an annoying social justice warrior that even his own friends could barely stand to hang around with. Nemo isn't really either of those things. He's a stubborn old hippie who believes that if people work hard and work together that maybe it's still possible to make a difference in this crazy world. A lot of the time he's been been proven wrong by circumstances but he's been proven right enough times that he's still got faith.

That's the thing. When Nemo believes in a cause he believes hard. He's a dedicated guy and a sucker for lost causes. He's willing to work for an outcome that most people would never in a million years think could happen. And even if the things he believes in—the essential dignity of all humans, a world without war, and an end to classism, racism, and all other forms of oppression—are things that other people think are impossible, he believes that history will vindicate him in the end.

He's tired, though. He's lived a long time and seen a lot of the movements he's dedicated his life to stall or fail altogether and that kind of stuff wears on a person. Although a lot of the reason he slowed down was because of his kids, he really did need a break. He used to spend a lot of time getting angry at the people who couldn't or wouldn't understand why his causes were worthwhile. Now those people just make him kind of sad.

He tries to keep a hold on his temper, but when he gets angry he gets really angry. He'd never try to physically hurt anyone, but yelling and screaming and emotional hand gestures are all on the table. Luckily, his anger usually blows over quickly enough and he's gotten to be pretty good at apologizing afterward.

He's fairly friendly for the most part, though if you make a bad impression on him he's liable to get pretty gruff. He's definitely willing to give people second, third, and even fourth chances. It takes a lot for Nemo to write you off completely.
Strengths: Nemo's an idealist. For the most part, he still believes that people are fundamentally good inside and that if people were properly informed of their options, no one would deliberately choose to be evil. He's a dedicated guy and willing to work very hard for the common good. He's fairly intelligent, reasonably strong for guy his age, and has a decent grasp of strategy and organization.
Weaknesses: Nemo was actually super obnoxious 24/7 when he was a teen, although the decades since then have knocked most of the annoying out of him. He still has the tendency to act like an annoying know-it-all when faced with stuff he does in fact know a lot about. He can sometimes have a blindspot regarding the relative importance of other people's causes versus his own, although again that's something he's gotten a lot better about with age. (Speaking of age, he's well into middle age and his body is definitely showing the effects. His knees get all creaky in the morning and he's not got nearly the stamina he used to have when he was younger.)
Possessions: a beat up old guitar (what kind of hippie DOESN'T have a guitar I ask you?) with a picture of his two kids taped inside, a red sweater his ma knit for him that's mysteriously gone pony-shaped
Pony/Animal Type: Earth pony, for reasons of hard work and dedication.
Cutie Mark: A peace sign. It was either that or the Cancer/Suffererist symbol, but I figure that would more properly belong to his original counterpart.
Pony Picture: here

First Person:
Hey Kiddo,

I don't know why I'm writing this, since I don't think there's any way for you to get this letter. I guess it makes me feel better to do it, though, even if it means I have to hold the pencil with my mouth. Guess I might as well explain: I'm a pony now.

Yeah. A pony.

It's weird for me too.

I woke up yesterday in this crazy little town called Ponyville, with a bunch of other ponies, a stupid amount of which used to be people too, and with no idea what the buck hay—with with no idea what was going on. (Man, it's a good thing you aren't a pony. With the way these pony mouths self-censor, you'd be miserable. )

We don't know how we got here, you dig? And we don't know when or how we're going home.

I'm not sure how long it'll be until I see you or your sister again.

Well. Anyway. That's why I'm not picking you up from that school of yours today. Stupid place. I know you say you're happy there, but I can tell you're not really and you're just saying so because you don't want to admit you were wrong. And I get that, kiddo, I do, I'm the same way sometimes. But part of growing up is admitting you were wrong.

Man. I wish I could be saying this stuff to you for real.

I miss you, kiddo. I miss everyone.

Your Dad

Third Person: Making friends with Bertie Wooster in the test drive meme
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