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Player Name: Bii
Player Contact: AIM: grandhighbiichama, Plurk: [plurk.com profile] obiisama

Character Name: Nemo K. Vantas
Canon: Homestuck AU (based on the fanfic >Connect)
Game Transplant: My Little Jamjar
Original App: Here you go!
Game Summary: Weird rainbows kidnap people from all kinds of different worlds and dimensions and bring them to Equestria where they end up relying on the folk of Ponyville to take them in. These weird rainbows may either be the work of a mysterious legendary figure known as the Pale Pony or possibly the work of Star Swirl the Bearded who was going kind of senile in his remaining months. Anyway, there is a hidden lost library to dungeon crawl through, full of yoghurt-craving pony zombies and also Bertha the Donut Witch and ersatz Cthulhu.

How long was your character in Game: Three and a half months.
History of Character in their Game: Nemo showed up the first day of the game in the crowd of “new ponies.” Not long after he arrived he ran into a young man named Bertie Wooster, who Nemo immediately took under his wing perhaps anticipating how terribly clueless that young man was. He also made friends with Klaus Wulfenbach. Princess Celestia contacted everyone and urged them to find things to do and people to stay with until the could be restored to their homes. Nemo had a short talk with her about what he'd be doing while that happened and decided he was going to grow artichokes. He'd had some experience with this, having spent the last fourteen years helping out on the working farm and former commune his sister ran, artichokes being one of the two cash crops on the farm. The other being marijuana which they sold to the medical dispensary in Monterey but that's neither here nor there.

Anyhow, Princess Celestia gave him a small plot of land for him to farm. He decided to establish said farm as a commune because communes are awesome. He informed Bertie of these plans and that was when he ran into the Disciple.

So you know how Nemo's the human reincarnation of the Signless Sufferer? Well, Nemo's (adopted) sister is the reincarnation of the Disciple and part of the reason he spent so much of his twenties, thirties, and early forties nomading it up, because even without consciously remembering it, the echoes of what they'd been to each other created some really weird vibes between the two.

And now he got to meet the real Disciple.

The two of them hit it off right off the bat and soon they were rolling around in the grass, nuzzling each other and generally acting like a pair of giant sillies. Nemo invited her and Klaus to join the commune with him and Bertie and together they erected a shack on the edge of the land. Nemo and Bertie soon after went to Applejack to learn how ponies farmed, because ponies don't exactly have tractors.

(Nemo named the commune Satyagraha Farm, after one of the principles of Gandhi's civil disobedience. Unfortunately, almost no one else could pronounce the name and so in the middle of the night one night a certain somepony snuck in and repainted the sign to read Something Farm. Eventually the place was dubbed 'Pony Commune.')

With help and equipment from Applejack, Nemo and company soon began the planting of the artichokes. Meanwhile, other new ponies fell in with them, joining the commune as Nemo had declared it open to all as long as the residents were willing to assist with the chores and help with the eventual harvest. People came and went, as new “new ponies” materialized in Equestria and some of the older “new ponies” disappeared the way that people usually do in jamjars. One of the earlier ones to leave was Klaus, who'd been the Disciple's friend. Another who drifted in and then drifted out was the Signless who'd been in Mayfield with the Disciple. Watching him and Di, Nemo got an idea of what might have been if not for family ties. When the Signless disappeared and Di found out she was a computer program, Nemo helped console her.

While all this was going on and Nemo and Disciple's relationship got deeper and stronger, if no less quantifiable, Nemo had also become something of an adopted father to Bertie Wooster. Bertie was, after all, young enough to be his son and Nemo respected Bertie's kind heart, even if some of Bertie's 1920s attitudes were not quite Nemo's cup of tea. They had a love of music to share, even if their tastes—Nemo's folksongs and Bertie's jazzy 20s popular music—weren't quite the same.

And too, Nemo missed his own son and daughter (and was secretly very worried about his son Karkat especially, having been informed by a unicorn named Jay Zimin that the boy was stuck playing Sburb to fix a fuck-up made by a bunnygirl named Poppy. Jay, you see, had previously been in Jarjammed where the Karkat of Nemo's universe was being played by yours truly.)

So the months passed in pleasant domesticity. At least, until Donatello got canon updated.

You see, there was a “new pony” among the other ponies who been in previous interdimensional incidents, including being stuck as a Hunger Games tribute in Panem. In other words, he was a CR AU who'd been in Kon Ran and The Games. In the time since he'd come to Equestria, Donatello had snapped quite thoroughly back in Panem and so in the wake of his canon update, Don was very crazy and very murderous—at least toward the ponies he recognized as his fellow tributes from Panem. Unfortunately for everyone, he thought he was hallucinating, that he still hadn't left the arena. And since there was a Signless stuck as a tribute back in Panem, Don—who before that had been rather friendly with Nemo—attacked Nemo, stabbing him in the gut with the horn he'd snapped off the Grand Highblood.

Bertie flew Nemo up to the roof to keep him from getting hurt further as the commune collapsed into chaos. But it was too late. Nemo lay dying. After calling Bertie 'kiddo'--a nickname previously reserved for his own children—he closed his eyes for what he thought would be the final time.

And THAT would be when the Being would grab Nemo and hopefully fix his fatal wound because he's a nice baby god like that.

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?) Honestly, Nemo didn't change all that much in the three months he was in Equestria. He got to take a leadership position as head of the commune, but he'd been in positions of leadership before, although not in decades. He did gain a little more perspective on his awkward feelings toward his sister through his relationship with the Disciple, however. And he came to care for Bertie as a second son. He's perhaps more inclined to use Equestrian minced oaths than he was previously. (Thanks, MLJ.)

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?): He's a pony now.

We don't know why people who get rainbow kidnapped to Equestria all turn into ponies or other kinds of sentient beasts, but they do.

Powers: Since he's an earth pony, he's suddenly really good at growing things and working the land. He really ought to start dreaming of his past lives sooner or later but I haven't had him yet because ~eh~.
Possessions: From his previous game comes one pony-sized red sweater and one accoustic guitar with a picture of his kids (human versions of Karkat and Kanaya) taped inside and the words THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS stencil-painted in red on the back. Also, a small pile of artichokes and the horn Donatello stabbed him with.

From his own home, he's two boxes worth of books: one fiction and the other nonfiction. The nonfiction box has stuff on communism, civil disobedience, and other such heady subjects. The fiction box has stuff like Lord of the Rings, Siddharta, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and a bunch of random high fantasy paperbacks. There's also a box of vinyl records, a phonograph, a smaller box with video tapes, a couple framed pictures of family, a couple of human-sized tee shirts and jeans, a long drapey poncho, a pipe, and some weed. Also the human version of the red sweater. His ma made it for him.

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Meeting the Disciple
Sample Two: Playing music with Bertie
Sample Three: Getting brutally murdered by Donatello

Notes: Nemo should wake up in the same hobbit hole as Di! I've discussed it with the Disciple's mun.
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